The Committee

Natasha Elks & Grace Palfreman

Hi, I’m Grace and I started dancing with CUDT in 2018, first as a part of Second Team, then progressing to First Team in my second year. Through dancing on Team I have personally gained so much confidence, as well as having great experiences taking part in competitions, socials and other aspects of Team life. I am very excited to run with Nat, and we would love to take this opportunity to uphold and further the friendly and supportive atmosphere which is a core part of the Team experience.

Starting as a Beginner in 2018, I have since been swept up in the magic of Ballroom and Latin dancing – from the discipline of regular training to comp hype. In 2019-20 I was Team’s Competition Secretary, allowing me to appreciate the work each committee member puts in to run the well-oiled CUDT machine. Between my healthy respect for administrative work – I love spreadsheets – and my enthusiasm for actual dancing, I think I am suitable to take CUDT forward for the next year. I am so excited to work with Grace to rebuild a fun, inclusive team that members really enjoy being part of.

Shaun and Grace


After a year of waaaay too little dancing for our liking, we can’t wait to hopefully get back to dancing all week long! We’ve missed the real CUDT experience throughout COVID more than anything, and we’re excited to share our love of all things Dancesport with some new recruits. Being able to just let go a little, surrounded by the best group of people you’ll meet – that’s what it’s all about for us, and we’re very ready to be a part of the beginners’ first experience of that❤️

Emilia and Ruweena

Second Team

Emilia: After so long I can’t wait to be back in in-person classes/training! I find it so inspiring watching the more experienced dancers do their run-throughs, it gives me a lot of motivation for my own training. It’ll be amazing to be in a room with other dancers to exchange tips and laugh at ourselves again.

Ruweena: I’m most excited to get back into in person training and classes, the best thing about team is the energy we all have when we’re together- there’s nothing like it!

Kezi Defriend


Hi, I’m Kezi, a 4th year medic at Caius. I am so excited to be your lesson secretary this year – basically I am in charge of organising your private lessons with our amazing coaches every week so I am going to apologise in advance for the weekly emails you will be receiving from me in the future! I have been part of CUDT ever since I was a fresher as a beginner, and have loved every minute of it, dancing with my amazing partners (shout-out to Aaron and Emilia – love you guys). I can’t wait for this year and all the dancing and fun it has in store!

Beni Vali


Hi, I’m Benedek, the team treasurer for the 3rd year straight. I joined CUDT in my first year, but have danced for 9 years before coming to Cambridge. Dancing was one of the best things for me at Cambridge before all the lockdowns and remote learning, so I’m really looking forward to all the trainings, comps and socials this year!

Isobel Marchant


Hi, I’m Isobel and I’m this year’s competition secretary! I’ve been dancing with CUDT for 4 years and it’s been such a massive part of my time at university, so I can’t wait to get back on the (non-virtual) dance floor!

Stuart and Zosia


Hi, I’m Zosia, and this is my 5th year on team! I joined as a beginner during undergrad and have continued ever since into my PhD. I’ve danced same-sex and mixed, as a leader and follower and have loved all of it (except maybe viennese…). My favourite dance is the Cha cha and I can’t wait to get back into it all this year, it’s been too long since I was three layers deep in fake tan!

Hi, I’m Stuart, and I’m going to be half of the costumes team for this year! I’ve been dancing for three years and this is my last year in Cambridge, so I’m going to be making sure that all the dancers on team know how to look their absolute best for competitions!

Carrie Soderman


I’m Carrie, a final year PhD student in my 4th year of dancing with CUDT. For 3 of those years I danced as a follower, and now in my final year I have the challenge of learning how to lead… The best bit of team is that we are very supportive and social: everyone wants to help, and for us all to do well, so I’ve got plenty of people to get tips from!

We are so excited to introduce our 2021-22 committee! We look forward to what each member will bring to the table and how each of us can contribute to making CUDT into the fun, competitive team that we want it to be.