The Committee

Tom & Olivia

Tom Hinton – 3rd Yr NatSci, Queens’

I joined CUDT as a fresher and dance has brought so much joy to my first two years! I love dancing, the people, the ballrooms, the team atmosphere. After being costumes manager (dream job) last year, I’m excited to be co-captain with Olivia this year, and to dance my way through third year!

Olivia Bullen – PGCE Secondary History, Lucy Cavendish

Hi everyone, I’m Olivia, one of the CUDT captains this year. I started dancing on CUDT as a beginner in my second year and have loved every minute of it, so I am thrilled to be co-captaining CUDT. Tom and I are looking forward to working with our committee and coaches to build a fun, friendly and competitive team.

Hazel and Yuxin


Yuxin – Hello this is Yuxin. I will be the co-captain with Hazel for Beginners’ Team this year! I am a third-year architecture student, and I started dancing as a beginners in my first year. My beginner expereience was absolutely incredible, and I can’t wait to bring you the same passionate, exciting and fulfilling experience on team!

Kezi and Emilia

Second Team

Hi, we are Emilia and Kezi and we are so excited to be your Second Team Captains this year! We hope to make everyone on second team feel welcomed and valued, as well as create a space for dancing, improvement and a lot of fun!

Calin Tataru


Hi, I’m Calin, a third-year PhD student. I joined CUDT as a (Zoom) beginner in 2020. I am excited to be your lessons secretary this year and help you organise private lessons with our amazing coaches.

Lettie Topping


I joined CUDT as a beginner last year and despite almost chickening out of the first competition, I can safely say that being part of CUDT was the best decision I made! I’m excited to continue next year on committee as treasurer and continue the family legacy of spreadsheet obsession.

Qing Lu


Hello, I’m Qing, and like many of the committee this year I started as a beginner at CUDT. I’ve danced other styles and skated before my CUDT days and, among these, partner dances really stand out to me. There is something unique about its connection and respect for the music. I was reluctant to commit to a competitive team at first but I was totally converted and I aim to share this love with you by making your competition experience run as smoothly as possible.

Richard and Zoe

Costume Managers

Richard – I started dancing as a beginner with CUDT two years ago and it was easily the best thing I did during my undergraduate degree. I’ve made so many good memories with the team, especially when being beginners’ captain last year. I cannot wait to get started again!

Jasmine Austin


I had never danced before joining CUDT as a fresher but now I absolutely love it. This year I will be acting as social secretary and can’t wait to get more stuck in. CUDT and the people there have become such a big part of my life and I’m so excited for what’s to come.

Tom Ingleby


Hi everyone! I’m Tom and this year I will be acting as publicity officer for the CUDT. I started dancing as a fresher two years ago and I have loved it ever since. A real highlight for me was definitely reaching the Latin finals in Blackpool last year. I’m very excited to get more involved with the team for the coming season even if it means doing it remotely from my year abroad!

Emily Gibbs

Social Media Officer –

For my whole life, dance has brought me so much joy – an since coming to university, I have been so proud to be a part of CUDT and to be a part of such a supportive and successful team. I am grateful to have the opportunity to share Dancesport with its next generation at Cambridge.

We are so excited to introduce our 2023-24 committee! We look forward to what each member will bring to the table and how each of us can contribute to making CUDT into the fun, competitive team that we want it to be.