The Committee

Nat & Isobel

Hi everyone, I am Nat and I have been CUDT Co-Captain for 2021-22 and am so excited to stay on as captain for another year! It has been an absolute privilege to work closely with the coaches and committee, as well as with individual dancers, to encourage and facilitate progress, and of course delight in the team’s achievements this year. Isobel and I hope to work with this year’s committee to continue to build a fun, inclusive, and (of course) competitive team.

I’m Isobel, I’m a 5th year medic at Newnham. I’ve been dancing on CUDT since I was a fresher, and I’ve had such a blast being on team that I’d love to give back in my final year by being your captain! I’ve really enjoyed my various committee positions throughout the years (Lessons Secretary, Second Team Captain and Competitions Secretary) and have picked up lots of skills which I hope to bring to the Captaincy role.

June and Richard


June – I joined CUDT in 2019 as a beginner and really enjoyed what the team and the dancing community had to offer. I helped with the beginners last year as their “fun aunt” and I am so excited to be more involved and spread the dancing love!

Richard – I joined CUDT as a beginner in 2021 in my third year at Cambridge and I will say without any hesitation it was the best thing I have done during my time here so far. I’m certain this will be surpassed by captaining the beginners team this year! Things move very quickly when starting out in competitive dancing and I’m excited to build a friendly and supportive team that will defend our title at Blackpool!

Kezi and Emilia

Second Team

Hi, we are Emilia and Kezi and we are so excited to be your Second Team Captains this year! We hope to make everyone on second team feel welcomed and valued, as well as create a space for dancing, improvement and a lot of fun!

Calin Tataru


Hi, I’m Calin, a third-year PhD student. I joined CUDT as a (Zoom) beginner in 2020. I am excited to be your lessons secretary this year and help you organise private lessons with our amazing coaches.

Zosia Staniaszek


Zosia has been part of CUDT for 5 years, and is bringing her experience and love of Team (Dance = life?) to the role of Treasurer! “I love a spreadsheet…”

Ania Bobrowska


I’m so excited for my second year on the team, I can’t wait to see everyone again after the summer and meet new recruits! I’m hoping to bring some people-wrangling skills from my day job to ensure your competition experiences go smoothly, and all you have to worry about is dancing

Lana and Tom

Costume Managers

Lana – I’m really looking forward to getting everyone looking their best sparkly selves on the floor this year! There’s nothing I find more exciting than trying on costumes for the first time and seeing someone’s face light up when they find something that really works for them 

Tom – I caught the dancing bug in first year and I can’t wait to go again, this time in a shiny new committee role. Costumes were half the reason I joined in the first place so it feels right that I’m half of your costume duo this year. I can’t wait to see you on the floor feeling fabulous!

Sophie Perryman


Hi guys I’m Sophie, I’ll be your social sec this year! looking forward to arranging plenty of socials this year so there’s something for everyone! I really enjoy things like movie nights and pizza but I’ll try and get a mix of things to bring everyone together so we can relax and get to know eachother. A Just Dance night is definitely on the cards though!

Katharine Farr


I can’t wait to get involved in demos, and hopefully show everyone how awesome Dancesport is! Still fresh from being a beginner, I remember how exciting starting out is – just learning those first few steps feels like the start of an incredible journey. It is also a privilege to watch our amazing advanced dancers show off their talent and skill, a result of enormous dedication, and a true inspiration

We are so excited to introduce our 2022-23 committee! We look forward to what each member will bring to the table and how each of us can contribute to making CUDT into the fun, competitive team that we want it to be.